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: wednesday / 12 / 24 / 2003 :
00:54 a : this is awesome!

sorry i had to disallow comments, but some psycho would not stop telling me how i should drive *my* car.

LMAO... a comment posted by revolutionyes in the volkswagen community.

she said she was going 110 on a trip, i simply stated since she had steelies, most likely they weren't rated for speeds like that, and it wasn't a good idea. generally dubbers stick together, i like to look out for people... who doesn't heed friendly concerned advice? i know cars, i KNOW volkswagens... inside and out... not to sound like a tool, but people generally know that i know what i'm talking about.

so she replies all snotty.

"my car manages just fine. thnx."

well no, that's not the point. the point is your tires aren't rated for those speeds. ever watch a high speed car chase? i do, they happen literally DAILY in LA, and they broadcast them, LOL... anyhow, tires FREQUENTLY come off rims, and the results can be un-pretty. so i reply...

"well tires have ratings for a reason. since you have steelies most likely you have all season tires.

i really wouldn't recommend going 110+ on those tires."

she replies,

"i really don't care what you 'recommend'."

whoa nelly. a 20 year old wanna be punk know it all, great. okay, i can play a little hardball too. not really, i'm still TRYING to be nice at this point...

"well what about what the company that makes the tires recommends?"

not really harsh, i'm just trying to get a legit point across.

"i don't fucking care about them either. and i don't see why you have to keep pressing this issue. obviously, i am not going to listen to YOU, or anyone else for that matter about how fast i can/can't or should/shouldn't drive my car."

okay, i'm not trying to tell someone how to drive, but if you want to drive 110, then at least fucking put decent tires on! this is common sense. now also note, she had said her seats were shot, so i had even told her earlier that my friend is selling an almost brand new set of black seats for $400, trying to help out, as usual.

"well i think it's kinda funny i tried to help you, even posted about some seats if you got that far before jumping my throat... and all you can do is bash me for a concerned word about your safety. i've been in this scene for quite a while, i'm a wealth of info, but apparently you've got your own ideas. you get more with honey than with vinegar...

if you want to drive that fast, A) invest in better tires, B) take it to the track, C) new suspension couldn't hurt either.

it's not very nice to attack people like that, this IS an open community, sorry you feel the need to be so hostile about a simple topic."

yes, i got tough...

"yr the one who attacked me. i politely declined yr advice the first time, second time, and third time. and for a fourth time, yr telling me what to do. ie-better tires, etc. apparently, you don't seem to understand that i DO NOT CARE what you have to say about my car and/or driving habits.

please, just get over the fact that i don't care if yr a wealth of info or not. seriously. done. don't care. cheers. good bye."

i've never dealt with such an ungrateful vile little moron before in my life, and i grew up in fairfield! LOL... who the hell attacks someone for advice on safety?!

"did i suggest you go out and spend $2k on new WHEELS? no. but a $400 investment in better tires if you want to you know, live. seems you thought mirrored tint was a better choice for some reason.

why on EARTH would you go 110 on stock tires? seriously, you may think you're invincible, but when you get a blow out going that fast, perhaps you'll rethink, if you survive. i hope you don't think you're offending me, clearly you're the one that's worked up, i'm laughing over your blatant disregard for safety of yourself and more importantly, others."

this is getting fun. i'm laughing, showing other people the BS she's coming up with... obviously she's insecure and knows i'm right, which is why she's so defensive.

"i'm sure yr laughing. you seem(ed) pretty damn concerned to me. and you MUST be the one who is worked up to keep replying to this shit when i was satisfied to stop when i said 'yeah. thnx for the advice.' the FIRST time. but this time, seriously, i'm done."


"it started out as friendly concern for a fellow VW owner, how was i to know you're psycho? now it's serious concern for others on the road, since clearly you have no regard for anyone but yourself.

anyhow... what do i know? you've had six cars and all, this one two years, and you had mirror tint!

i've had my car four years, with $7k worth of modifications... we've got an audi TT roadster that's up to 270 HP currently... i've had a cabriolet, fox, jetta VR6, audi 4000 diesel... i've torn cars down, and built others from the ground up. but hey, when it comes to tires, i guess you're the pro!

LOL. really."

this is my favorite part!!!

"but hey, when it comes to what kinda person you are, i guess you're a CUNT! do you think i honestly care about yr stupid car or how much money you wasted on it. nope."

then she locked it, hahaha.

i guess that's it. i've been telling people and laughing about it all night :D

my mood: amused

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: sunday / 12 / 14 / 2003 :
17:35 p : i'm back.

umm, been a while. my quick update:

october 10th i moved from connecticut to las vegas. didn't work out too well. couldn't find a job, was bored, etc etc... well i actually found two jobs. the first was sketch, so i quit. the second one... i went in, got all dizzy and started to black out and i fainted, so i quit, haha. well, i went home that day (wednesday november 12th) and went on the vortex, of course. i had been posting in the employment forum, figuring out what the hell i was going to do to make money. there's a reply refering to continental VW in fairfield. odd. so i check the profile. holy crap, it's shawn. this guy worked at VW when i bought my car nearly four years ago!

i had gone in looking for my car, he approached me, but at the time i wasn't sure what i wanted yet. he left on a test drive with some other guy, at which point i had picked out my golf. another guy sold me the car, shawn joked the next day about how i couldn't wait for him. anyhow, we used to talk when i would go in for service and stuff, i had a little crush on him, he was too cool for me though. he disappeared eventually, i never saw him again, figured he was gone for good, still thought about him a lot though. anyhow, here he was, on the other end of the internet. the best part? three years ago, he had moved to california, just a couple hours from me in vegas.

well, i had to see him again... so that monday, november 17th, i trekked out to california to see this long lost unrequited love (it was kind of requited, because he admitted he had wanted to ask me out, so we're just oblivious idiots apparently) anywho... i figured i'd go out there for like two days and we'd catch up and whatnot. we hit it off amazingly... like we had never parted ways. i stayed about five days, til saturday morning. i wanted to just go home and get my stuff and come back. the next few days were hell, he said he needed to make it to december to get some money and stuff, then we'd figure out what to do.

i couldn't wait til december (which was the following monday) the only thing keeping me in vegas was my family dinner at my mom's cousin's house on thanksgiving. i packed up my car thanksgiving morning, went to dinner, and left that night.

so here i am, in moderately sunny torrance california, living with the cute guy that almost sold me my car nearly four years ago. the guy i thought was gone. pinch me, i'm in shock.

another plus: he works for audi now. his dealership just opened a VW showroom, and they need three more people. i still have to go down there, but he talked to a friend over there and i'm pretty close to in.

okay, so that wasn't a very quick update, but it was worth it, no?

my mood: ecstatic

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: tuesday / 06 / 03 / 2003 :
01:51 a : 2am boredom.

so it's time for some new photos.

our friend rob took some pictures from josh's silverstone GTi yesterday. it was raining of course, so they're not that great, but this was the best of the bunch...

a bling bling rolex billboard shot, haha...

chillin at pepboys :P

my bootleg attempt at a rolling shot while driving...

a little gathering at the beach with my friend kris' nogaro blue jetta GLX...

and our friend dave's silverstone at the end.

he picked it up last friday, and this saturday morning nearly totalled it. the entire front end is gone, wheels and tires, doors, everything... it barely had 700 miles on it :( he's okay though.

my mood: bored

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: saturday / 03 / 15 / 2003 :
11:56 a : grrr.

okay, so imagestation doesn't like livejournal, so i started using picturetrail, now picturetrail wants $20 a year, no more free accounts. maybe cardomain will let me post, let's try...

my mood: stressed

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: saturday / 11 / 23 / 2002 :
22:33 p : random pretty picture :P

my mood: bored

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: wednesday / 10 / 16 / 2002 :
23:07 p : guess who's back :)

hey guys! sorry i've been MIA lately, but a lot has changed on my little golfy! been spending waaay too much time on the vortex (i was the number one poster for WEEKS, had number two beat by like 100 posts a week haha)

here's the updates! *please work, please work*

okie, that's it for now haha. let's see what's new...

weitec coilovers, MK4's, JOM badgeless replaced the kamei, euro VR6 lip, smoked sidemarkers, votex long fogs, silver painted dash, and conrero knob, boot, ebrake, and dead pedal. i think that's it. oh, and the 16x7 BBS RK's wrapped in dunlop W10's haha. not on yet, awaiting my 5mm and 8mm spacers from potterman's. soon to come: recaro SRD's, GIAC chip, and more stereo stuff. eventually... projektzwo mirrors, boser, and euro hatch. maybe euro bumps, not sure.

so that's what's been going on with my life lately :) i'll try to get back into the swing of things and start posting more, but i'm always on AIM (adrockette) so feel free to say hi!


my mood: busy

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: wednesday / 07 / 31 / 2002 :
15:02 p : oh yeah...

and this one from emily.

EAP0425TBC (2:33:32 PM): Interesting that your talking about stereos...mine got stolen last night...hahahaha, it's kind of funny now, because first of all, the night before I put my CD's back in the car but took them into my Easton house and left them there by accident, so they didn't get those. And they busted the lock into the door so I'm figuring on just putting it back in and poxy-ing back in, then having Joe or Steve connect the battery wires again so that I can use the interior light and turn on my headlights. LoL, so I can drive and stuff, but there aren't any noises...none. I'm stuck in a hot car (with no working car lighter), a hole where my stereo used to be and I have to hum to myself because I don't know the right words to anything...Hold me closer Tony Danza can only be sung a few times before I stop, sigh and say to myself, "Geez, this is depressing..."

Auto response from adrockette (2:33:32 PM): to live wires for stereo do-hickey ma-bob. 203-727-1880.

EAP0425TBC signed off at 2:40:39 PM.

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14:58 p : i <3 EB.

so i was outside swapping my stereos, and i come back to 17 messages from erik, as follows:

BiggieBork (1:37:23 PM): pissed!

Auto response from adrockette (1:37:23 PM): to live wires for stereo do-hickey ma-bob. 203-727-1880.

BiggieBork (1:37:40 PM): Mofo is holding onto his wheels
BiggieBork (1:37:50 PM): I could very much handle kicking something
BiggieBork (1:38:08 PM): ARGH
BiggieBork signed off at 1:45:34 PM.
BiggieBork signed on at 2:11:00 PM.
BiggieBork (2:11:08 PM): kitty, this is so wierd

Auto response from adrockette (2:11:08 PM): to live wires for stereo do-hickey ma-bob. 203-727-1880.

BiggieBork (2:12:47 PM): not long after I get the "i dunno if I wanna sell" IM from guy smiley about the 928 wheels, I happen into a set of H&R couls for 850 with the strut bearings and wrenches! only used 3500 miles. Joy. should I?
BiggieBork (2:13:31 PM): I'll rock those bitches with factory 5 spokes
BiggieBork (2:14:40 PM): polished 928s are too glam for me anyhow with my "stealth" look. I may get them unpolished later on down the line, or pimp hard with TTs like the kitty wants. =)
BiggieBork (2:15:28 PM): once upon a time, there was a black GTI
BiggieBork (2:15:37 PM): those who knew, liked it
BiggieBork (2:15:49 PM): those who didn't did not notice it
BiggieBork (2:16:08 PM): then one day, the little blacked-out GTI was rolling on bling TT wheels.
BiggieBork (2:16:17 PM): "oh my" said grandma
BiggieBork (2:16:27 PM): "Oh shit" said the honda boys.
BiggieBork (2:16:38 PM): "Oh do me" said the town supermodel.
BiggieBork (2:17:33 PM): and all was how it should be.
BiggieBork (2:17:36 PM): the end.
BiggieBork signed off at 2:41:00 PM.

my mood: giddy

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: sunday / 07 / 07 / 2002 :
12:13 p : woo...

which VW are you?

on that note... waterfest is in two weeks. kara and i have our room at the hyatt regency in new brunswick (hotel #4) blah. yes, that's about it. nothing new with the cars. golfy is getting a set of corbeau seats, i'm just deciding between the TRS or CR1, i was thinking GTS II but i like the idea of upper harness thingies.

*torn* go the cheap route and pick up some KYB's and get those H&R springs on the golf? or hold out for some H&R or bilstein PSS coilovers and throw the springs on the jetta cause it needs shocks and struts anyhow? blah. i REALLY want to slam my golfy. just put him on his tummy. oh well, all comes down to money.

my mood: cranky

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: thursday / 06 / 27 / 2002 :
19:59 p : alright...

so everyone wants to see my latest updates, nothing much really...

tints. woo.

i'm going to newport RI saturday with some dub guys from MA and RI to plan out a route for our G2G/cruise in august. should be good fun.

my mood: blah

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12:30 p : blah.

i really just don't feel like updating much.

my mood: blank

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: friday / 06 / 21 / 2002 :
01:29 a : *tears*

davey: i love seeing pics of you...makes me wish i was with you

my mood: touched

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: sunday / 06 / 02 / 2002 :
23:09 p : i'm in love...

dave: blah...i have to run
kitty: okie.
dave: must go see the fambly
kitty: have fun.
dave: i won't...
kitty: well try!
kitty: dammit!
kitty: okay, talk to you later hun.
dave: i will...for you
kitty: :)
kitty: be a happy davey!
dave: okay
dave: well, talk to you later...*hugs*
kitty: :) bye sweetheart *smooch*

my mood: loved

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: friday / 05 / 17 / 2002 :
01:17 a : joe owns me.

oh how lovely it is to have a fully functioning VR6 engine.

i owe joe my life. well not really. i bought him a $59 husky tool something or other set. he spent hours and hours working on my jetta and got it running great.

sooo... now it's time for brakes and a tire. oh yeah, and when we disconnected the battery it set the stereo in "SAFE" mode! so now it doesn't work :( gotta go to the dealership tomorrow to have them fix that. i'm hoping i can get a CD player installed in the next few days anyhow.

my mood: pleased

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: thursday / 05 / 16 / 2002 :
13:31 p : VR5.

woo! i have my jetta sitting outside! the coilpack is shot, so it's a VR5 for now :( oh well. i should take it for a tire today, one of the rears is a bit slick haha. potterman's emailed me and said that they just sent out my stuff on monday or tuesday :(

sooo... that's that. i guess i should go get a tire now.

so i'm listening to eminem and my dad is standing here listening too haha, he just asked who it is. how funny.

my mood: productive

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: friday / 05 / 10 / 2002 :
21:38 p : yeah, this would be why guys suck.

welcome to my life. so fucking typical.

shawn: hi
kitty: hello.
shawn: why are you ignoring me?
kitty: me ignoring you? you're ignoring me.
shawn: I don't ignore you
kitty: well it seems that way.
shawn: u don't talk to me so I don't talk back
kitty: okay...
kitty: well...
shawn: ..
kitty: i dunno.
kitty: okay... well what's new?
shawn: nada
kitty: i discovered tonight that my jetta is missing the molding strip on the front passenger door :-(
shawn signed off at 9:05:14 PM.

and did he come back? nope. so umm... yeah, boys suck.

my mood: lonely

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: sunday / 04 / 28 / 2002 :
15:59 p : kljdlskfjlkdjfelknv.

some current davey convo... i was of course talking about a local asshole, and this was the rest of the conversation...

kitty: then tonight? he ignored me, of course.
dave: i could never act like that to someone
kitty: he plays head games with me.
dave: that's wrong
kitty: he sits there and says straight out to me how he needs a girlfriend and there's no girls around and shit like that, and i was like, "that's nice, i'm going now" and he tells me to stay and drink... so i get smashed and we end up in bed. tra la la... HE starts getting frisky on me... then the next day, nothing. ugh fuck him. and ya know what? i'm stupid enough to let him do it to me again tonight. he's already done it a few times...
dave: maybe you should think about it a little harder so you don't get hurt, you've got some control over the situation
kitty: even though everyone tells me he's not a player, he's actually shy, and he never does this so he must actually like me.
kitty: yeah....... ugh.... i'm just mad and shit... the one guuy i actually want is unattainable, so i'm settling.
dave: you don't know enough about me to know i'm the one you want...i could be a total weenie irl...
dave: in other words, i hate to see you hold your breath, because that puts a lot of pressure on me...
kitty: ugh... well whatever, live your life, you're there and i'm here... unfortunately.
dave: i have no life...that's the shitty part
kitty: and i do?
dave: and i really want you...always have wanted someone like you... but i'm far away, and besides, i'd make a shitty bf right about now
kitty: well what are we going to do about this?
dave: my life is, and will become increasingly unstable, and who knows when it will straighten out...
dave: do about it? i dunno...that's not much that i see *to* do
kitty: i really feel like i have to do something... and yes, that's only 50% of an answer... well technically significantly less since i haven't ACTUALLY done anything... but still.
kitty: ugh. so fucking frusterating.
dave: yeah...i know. i hate to be a source of frustration for you...i feel bad
kitty: it's not your fault. it's me doing it to myself over you, you're an inocent bystander. just happen to be a cute one.
dave: the hardest part for me is that i just don't see what you see in me...
kitty: i don't know... we just seem to relate well i guess
dave: i know...
kitty: you say things i like to hear, and i like to hope it's not bull.
dave: i guess i dont' let myself get too wrapped up because i'm constantly reminded of our distance... i did the l/d relationship thing for a ling time, and it wore me down...so i'm very conscious of separation
dave: and no, they're not bull...i've got no reason to feed you shit
kitty: i did it too... and i wouldn't be able to handle it again.
kitty: i don't know what it is about you, but it's something... i don't do this, i don't get like this... it's very odd to me.
dave: okay...i'll sounds like a cocky prick for a sec...but i seem to have that effect. girls like me...maybe because i'm nice to them or something. too bad they can't seem to tolerate me very long...guess you have to treat a girl like shit to keep her coming back
kitty: like i said before, you work and support yourself, you don't loaf around wasting away and living off your parents, you're not video game obsessed, you're into volkswagens, but not enough to blow someone off and be an asshole over it.
dave: and i'll be rich in a couple years? =)
kitty: if that was my biggest concern i would have married my ex
dave: well, it never hurts =P~
kitty: hey.... car insurance goes down when you get married... i'm going to be a soccer mom in a slammed passat with 19's and tints haha.
dave: works for me. we can raise our children in the ways of the dub
kitty: my children won't be able to own a non-european car until they move out, and i'm hoping by that point they won't want one. and i'll have the same rule my mother had... no automatics.
kitty: okay, well i think we'll have to talk about our future children tomorrow
dave: hehe...okay
kitty: i'm off... have a good night hun.
dave: you too...tty later
kitty: night night.

my mood: frustrated

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: thursday / 04 / 18 / 2002 :
18:31 p : oh yeah...

so john's telling me about the picture he's had in his mind over the past few days. a dream he had like a week ago. me and him, in my car, making out. "hot and heavy."


then i "climb on top and him and go to town." riiight. not gonna happen johnny. then he's telling me to admit i've had that thought before. yeah, i had, like three months ago. and yeah, we made out in my car. three months ago. he's telling me i love the attention blah blah blah.

so i go to dave, and tell him to beat up john. kidding. sort of. i told him that he's telling me about his sexual dreams involving me. dave giggled and said, "i have those too..." i told him it's okay cause i'd actually do him haha. mmm, davey goodness.


one day...

my mood: amused

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18:23 p : fuck greg.

yes, fuck greg. i'm sooooooooooooo pissed at him. so pissed.

and i lust dave. mmm... davey. he's too damn sweet, i want him desperately. he's the type of guy i just want to kiss him on the forehead and lay on the couch with him all night talking. he's smart. i love his sense of humor. he's got a nice black jetta GT. euro. mmm shiny euro dub. getting more euro by the moment. some girls in in a white GT followed him for like ten miles the other night. he got to the store and they pulled up next to him and complimented him on the car. grrr stay away from my davey dammit.

why does the perfect man live seven hours away?

i can't believe i'm so willing to wait for him too. ha. shows how much he means to mean though :(

the daveymobile:

doesn't look like much huh? it's all go no show. the only thing you can see are the tints, e-codes, borbet type E's, smoked side markers (only so they blend in... euro baby, euro) TT exhaust tips, and the slight drop. to most people, the tints are all they see.

my mood: mellow

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: sunday / 04 / 14 / 2002 :
01:14 a : sighhh...

kitty: i'm sick of CT.
dave: move in with me!
kitty: i wish.
kitty: if only you were serious... ha. my life.
dave: what if i were?
kitty: could you deal with this daily? *insert cute picture of me here*
dave: what's wrong with it?
kitty: haha... it's me.
kitty: nobody can deal with me for terribly long... you've seen my track record from the past few months.
dave: well, i'm not everyone else

*tears* if only i could do it...

my mood: loved

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